Wandering around Toulouse

Visiting Toulouse also means letting yourself be carried along by your own footsteps, wandering through the city’s narrow streets and lively squares at your own pace, soaking up the atmosphere as it changes throughout the day.

In the morning, head to Saint-Etienne

The Saint-Etienne quarter is an unspoilt area, set back from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is the district of magnificent mansion houses, known as “parliamentary mansions”, hidden behind high walls and imposing gates, but with occasional glimpses of charming courtyards and beautiful facades. Brick reigns supreme here, lending a warm atmosphere to this elegant neighbourhood. The Place Sainte-Scarbes boasts one of the most charming fountains in Toulouse.

Rue Croix-Baragnon, Rue Bouquières and Rue du Canard: this is where you’ll find the finest boutiques with the most distinguished collections! Clothing, chic second-hand goods and antiques, here everything is carefully curated and tastefully presented. If you want to experience the area like a local, head to Tonsor & Cie, the trendy rock chic barbershop, which also has a coffee spot run by Hayuco, an artisanal roaster of local coffees.

At midday, head to Les Carmes

Cross the Rue du Languedoc and you’re in Les Carmes, the gourmet district!
With the market of the same name at its heart, you’ll find something here for every gourmet. The lively Rue des Filatiers is a magnet for students, with specialities from all over the world: Italian, Argentinian, Lebanese, Asian… in the adjacent streets you’ll find restaurants offering trendy gourmet cuisine.


Along the banks of the Garonne

In the afternoon, take a stroll along the Garonne to admire the finest panoramic views of the Ville Rose. From the Pont Neuf, the Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques, the dome of La Grave and the Pont Saint-Pierre, you can cross from one bank to the other, from the lively Daurade district to the more intimate and working class Saint-Cyprien district. Don’t miss the Viguerie walkway, which gives you the impression of walking on water, and the Les Abattoirs museum of modern and contemporary art.