The culinary specialties of Toulouse

From the Roquefort of the Aveyron to Tomme from the Pyrenees, from Quercy truffles to Gascon smoked duck breast, your stay in Toulouse is sure to be a veritable festival of flavours.

Terroir and specialties

Gourmet capital

Toulouse is the capital of the Occitan region and a worthy representative of local gastronomy. Here the great dining tables showcase the charcuterie, poultry, lamb and veal from local farms.

But please allow us to introduce you to the 100% Toulouse specialities that are often less well-known by the general public, products from here that will give your break a real taste of the South-West.

The cassoulet

Eating a cassoulet from Toulouse is an obligatory step when exploring the city. It can be found on the menu of countless restaurants. Its exact recipe varies from one chef to the next, but it is always made up of some beans, duck confit and Toulouse sausage.

A typical dish from the Ville Rose, the cassoulet of Toulouse is made up of a few essentials and other ingredients that vary depending on the cook. There is, of course, pork meat (loin, hock, cooking sausage) as well as duck confit, pork belly, local sausage, neck and breast of lamb. There are variants that include goose confit and goose fat.

As for the white beans, these tend to be regional varieties like Tarbes beans, which are long-grained, meaty and soft, with a fine skin that allows them to soak up other flavours. The secret of the success of this regional dish is in its cooking: cassoulet from Toulouse is a dish that must simmer for a long time, and is served after being finished under the grill.

The Cassole

Cassoulet takes its name from the dish in which it is cooked: the Cassole. This receptacle made of terra cotta is created by the potters of Issel, a village situated 8km north of Castelnaudary. Its insulating properties are ideal for the slow cooking required by the cassoulet and for the even distribution of heat during cooking.

Toulouse sausage

The star of the South-West, the star of any barbecue, the star of the Cassoulet; that’s the Toulouse Sausage!

You can find it by looking for the Red Label at supermarkets or, if you prefer, you can source it directly from local producers that set up their stalls at our markets. This is an artisanal sausage that can even be served with a salad if you are watching your figure.

Gâteau le Fénétra

Fénétra cake

You can watch a Fénétra recipe video by Christian, assisted by Julie, from « Carnets de Julie ». This is a generous gateau, wonderfully fresh and light, with a base made of almonds and filled with lemons and apricots. Best enjoyed once summer comes around.

La brique du Capitole

These are layered praline bonbons often sold in cardboard boxes in the shape of the famous and attractive bricks that have given Toulouse its nickname of « Ville Rose ». They very quickly win you over with their crunchiness!

Catechu Lajaunie

Catechu was invented in Toulouse by pharmacists Lajaunie in 1880. Its little yellow box is still looking as fresh as ever! This little black square is made of a clever mix of several ingredients, including liquorice and catechu powder, and its recipe has stayed the same since it was first made. Every year in Toulouse 3 million boxes of catechu bonbons are churned out by our factories.

Toulouse Violet

The subtle flavour of violet comes to the fore in every possible way: crystallised petals, boiled sweets, violet mustard, chocolates and teas…