A stroll through the market

Toulouse is the capital of the Occitanie region and also its gastronomic capital. Here you can enjoy local cuisine, an authentic cuisine whose quality is acknowledged by more than 240 products certified under the Official Labels of Quality and Origin.

Don’t hesitate to go to the markets to pack your picnic lunch, best savoured on the banks of the Garonne for a 100% Toulouse experience!

Les halles

The covered markets of Toulouse

Le marché Saint-Cyprien

Les Halles in the Saint-Cyprien quarter are the only ones that remain in their original state. With its metal framework, the covered market has retained all its charm.

Join locals for a tasting platter of local charcuterie and cheeses, accompanied by a glass of a South-Western wine (in moderation).

Place Roguet, 31300 Toulouse

Le marché des Carmes

Les Carmes market has retained the name of the old convent which was located in the heart of this old district of Toulouse until the XVIII Century. Today it is a very modern looking market, with a car park above it.

The colourful stalls of the traders and the people who shop here offer a guarantee of quality. It’s a pleasure to sit on the terrace of a café and watch the crowds mingle in the market.

Place des Carmes, 31000 Toulouse

Le marché Victor-Hugo

Les Halles Victor-Hugo is the largest market in the city. Located between the boulevards and the Place du Capitole, it comes alive in the early hours of the morning and it’s not unusual on Sundays to come across a few night owls here who finish their festivities with a little coffee.

This is the most important market in Toulouse. You can’t get enough of the good atmosphere that reigns there. It is in these halls and all around that you can find the “big name” suppliers of Toulouse gastronomy: butchers, delicatessens, cheese producers, fishmongers…
At the end of the morning, you can sit down on the barrels to sample tapas, cheese and local charcuterie. Galet de la Garonne, Pavé Toulousain…here everything is delicious!

Even if you don’t have any shopping to do, it’s always a pleasure to stroll down the aisles and enjoy the lively atmosphere, which brings together local residents and market traders who are equally strong-willed and generous, ready to share the recipes that make the most of their produce. This is where the heart of Toulouse beats.

On the first floor, you have to hurry to find a table at one of the restaurants that stand in a row and serve authentic cuisine made with fresh market produce, offering excellent value for money.

Place Victor Hugo, 31000 Toulouse

In the open air

Outdoor markets

The largest market in Toulouse is the Marché Cristal, also known as the “marché des boulevards” after the Grand Café du Cristal Palace to which this market owes its name closed down.
The stalls are full of fruit and vegetables. This is the most popular market in the city. It runs alongside the boulevards from Place Jeanne-d’Arc to Arnaud-Bernard.

Boulevard de Strasbourg, 31000 Toulouse

Saint-Aubin’s market takes place only once a week, on Sunday morning. This is a food and street market that takes place in the area around Saint-Aubin’s basilica, between the Canal du Midi and the rather bohemian La Colombette quarter.
Toulouse residents like to go there with their families to buy organic products directly from producers and traders and to stroll past the stalls of creative artisans.
It’s a friendly market that is full of life and brings vibrancy to the whole neighbourhood!

Saint Aubin Boulevard Michelet, 31000 Toulouse

Market days

Marché Saint-Cyprien: from Tuesday to Sunday 7am to 1pm.
Marché des Carmes: from Tuesday to Sunday 7am to 1.30pm.
Marché Victor-Hugo: from Tuesday to Sunday 7am to 2pm. www.marche-victor-hugo.fr
Marché Cristal: from Tuesday to Sunday 7am to 1.30pm.
Marché de Saint-Aubin: Sunday 7am to 2pm.