Consume responsibly, locally and sustainably

By favouring seasonal products and short supply chains, limiting unnecessary packaging and waste, there are many responsible ways to enjoy dining while respecting the environment. Here are a few spots that are committed to preparing food that has taken the time to grow and be harvested by artisanal producers. Real, unprocessed and fresh products: something to tantalize our taste buds!

Le Nasdrovia

The spirit of autonomy

This small bar in the Les Carmes quarter takes particular care with the origins of its products. It also makes its own juices and syrups and selects the best spirits by working with artisans from the local area and from further afield. In the summer, the team prepares an Autonomy menu, based on fruits, vegetables and herbs from their own organic garden. On Saturday evenings, the cellar is transformed into a dance-floor playing 100% vinyl mixes.

2 rue Maletache, 31000 Toulouse


Le Nabuchodonosor

Vivacious wines and charcuterie

A bar with a libertarian spirit, « Nabu » puts the bar counter back at heart of the village. An authentic neighbourhood bistro that serves wines by local artisans, accompanied by cheeses and charcuterie of character; natural, sparkling, orange…let them surprise you with their truly unconventional wines.

15 rue du Coq d’Inde, 31000 Toulouse


Le Temps de vendanges

A gastronomic wine cellar

Eric Cuestas was elected best wine shop of the year in 2021 by the Revue des Vins de France. Specialising in organic and natural wines, the cellar also offers a menu of the day, always curated using carefully selected local products.

9 place de l’Estrapade, 31300 Toulouse


Café Cerise

Roasting coffee by the River Garonne

Café Cerise roasts their coffee on site and serves it up for your enjoyment using different extraction methods. The beans can be traced back to the farm or the co-operative that grows them, and are always grown with respect for the environment and the producers.

4 quai de la Daurade, 31000 Toulouse


La Brewlangerie

Artisan brewers and bakers

From bread to beer and from beer to bread, there is absolutely no waste here! Based on a variety of local and organic grains, this bakery recycles unsold goods to brew its own beer and reuses the spent grain, the residue from the brewing of grains, to make breads and brioche… sorry, brewoche!

306 avenue de Muret, 31300 Toulouse