Visit Toulouse with the family

Would you like to visit Toulouse with the kids? Whether you have a toddler, a teenager or a troop of little ones in tow, Toulouse offers a range of activities for the whole tribe to enjoy.

Time for adventure!

Head to the Cité de l’espace, a theme park that takes you to the edge of the Universe. You can examine a fragment of the moon under a magnifying glass, or go inside the Mir Space Station. The giant screen of the 3D IMAX cinema guarantees thrills and unforgettable memories. Children aged 4 to 8 even have their own special zone: the Cité des Petits, inside the Ariane rocket.

It’s a fun exhibition space on 2 levels where children can organise a space mission and prepare a rocket for take-off… Explore the planet Mars as close to reality as possible with the Martian Terrain, a large immersive arena recreating the setting of the Red Planet.

As a pioneering city in the aeronautics and space industries, Toulouse is a great place to discover the many achievements of the past and present. The Aeroscopia museum is an extraordinary playground. On the tarmac, climb aboard the giant A380 or take advantage of the drone piloting sessions organised during the holidays. Inside, you’ll find some of the world’s most iconic aircraft: come aboard the Concorde, or step into the huge aisle of the Super Guppy, a plane designed to… transport large parts of aircrafts!

You can also find out more about the different professions involved in the world of aeronautics, and discover a programme of activities and visits specially designed for families during each school holiday. Star Wars fans will even be able to see the full-size Lego X-Wing spaceship!

At the Envol des Pionniers (Flight of the Pioneers), the epic story of the first aeroplane crossings is explored. And you too can experience a flight aboard an old Bréguet XIV!

The new temporary exhibition is dedicated to Pierre-Georges Latécoère, creator of l’Aéropostale. He invites you to share his experience as a visionary entrepreneur and help you meet today’s aeronautical challenges. And you can get behind the controls yourself with the “fly a Bréguet XIV” experience!

For those interested in social sciences, head to Le Muséum where everything is geared towards learning while having fun. Where does humankind come from? What is biodiversity? What is an earthquake? Have fun guessing the species of each of the 75 skeletons displayed in the six-metre-high glass wall.

Keep the discovery going at Le Quai des Savoirs and take an interactive approach to science. At the moment, the Critical Spirit exhibition helps you get smart and lets the whole family have fun while they learn: challenge yourselves as you hunt out the false information and preconceived ideas (in French). This topical exhibition allows you to test yourself by having fun on a game trail with a smart wristband. Ready to take up the challenge? The Quai des Petits offers activities for children from 2 to 7 years old in 1h30 sessions, by reservation. Here, you don’t just use your eyes; you tinker, you experiment, you explore!

Fantastical creatures

To dazzle and delight children, head for the Halle de la Machine! The curtain rises on the extraordinary world of La Machine and its stable of performance machines operated by real machinists. Asterion the Minotaur slumbers not far from a giant spider… When he wakes up, it’s to give you a ride on his back.

If you want to get your fill of animals, both fantastic and real, discover the African Safari zoo. In your own car or on foot, the whole family can be adventurers!

Sightseeing with the kids

Opt for a self-guided tour in a convertible minibus with Citytour Toulouse. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and there are commentaries for adults and children alike!

For a “slow” version, hop aboard a Tuk-tuk or the Petit train touristique. These are the perfect way to discover the charm of the narrow streets of the pink city while enjoying the commentary.