A nature break in the heart of the city

For the sheer pleasure of walking, playing, running and recharging your batteries, here are five ideas for getting out and about even in winter.

The jardin des Plantes

At the jardin des Plantes, there are free-range chickens, century-old trees, beautiful statues, a host of activities for children… and two footbridges leading to the Royal and Grand-Rond gardens. At the main entrance to the garden is Le Muséum, a must-see for fans of life sciences.

Le canal du Midi à Toulouse

The Canal du Midi

Pierre-Paul Riquet is the man behind this structure, which was designed to transport freight. Now a World Heritage site, it can be explored on foot, by bike or by boat. It is linked to the Garonne via the remarkable Brienne canal.

The Japanese Garden

At the heart of Compans-Caffarelli Park lies a haven of peace, the jardin Japonais, with a pond spanned by a red bridge, a tea pavilion and a decor of stone and plants inspired by the Orient… In April, don’t miss the spectacle of the cherry blossom!

Chateau de Reynerie and park

In the Mirail quarter, the Parc de la Reynerie plays with symmetry and perspective. This little-known formal garden is a peaceful spot to stroll through while admiring the 18th-century château.

La Garonne à Toulouse

Along the waterways…

On the banks of the Garonne

The Garonne flows right through the heart of the city offering a multitude of walks and viewpoints!

Left Bank

If you walk along the 16th-century ramparts in the Raymond-VI Gardens, you’ll come to a flight of steps, a belvedere and, finally, a footbridge that crosses over a waterfall.

Right Bank

It’s a delight to admire the views from La Daurade, with the river, La Grave, the Pont Neuf, the Hotel-Dieu… Below are the port where sand dredgers moored their barges, and a morgue where the drowned victims of the Garonne were once laid to rest.