Wine tasting

For a wine tasting under the watchful eye of a professional wine merchant and accompanied by charcuterie boards and artisanal cheeses, Toulouse is the ideal destination!

Toulouse, capital of wines of the South-West

The wines of the South-West have elected Toulouse as their capital. The Ville Rose is located in the heart of a vast wine region that offers a wide variety of vineyards and terroirs. Cahors, Madiran, Gaillac, Fronton…some of the most famous appellations of the South-West. The history of these vineyards dates back to the Middle Ages and the ancient grape varieties are today cultivated with passion by a new generation of winegrowers driven by a desire for flavour and authenticity.

Wine appreciation and tastings

Toulouse is the ideal destination for sampling local wines, as well as those from further afield. The passionate wine merchants welcome you to share their old favourites and latest discoveries, and they know just how to tailor red and white wines to your taste, all accompanied by gourmet boards of local charcuterie and cheeses.

Take a deep dive into the local wine scene with “Taste of Toulouse” – tour in English

Sip and savor the best that Toulouse has to offer with this 2h30 tour with Jessica, an American and “Toulousaine at heart” since 2017. With this fun and intimate wine bar tour, celebrate the tradition of “apéro”, when friends come together for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles while exploring the wine regions of Toulouse. Guided tour with wine and food samples.

Boarding is imminent for a Wine Flight tasting with the “5 Wine Bar”

This wine bar was elected “Best Wine Bar in the World” in 2017 and 2019 by “The World of Fine Wine”. You can select the red or white wines tasting packages that include 3 glasses, enjoyed on their own or accompanied by cheeses from “Xavier” or “Betty”, the very best artisans in Toulouse.

Le 5 Wine bar – 5 rue de la Bourse

Delight your taste buds with wine and cheese pairings by “Les Petits Crus”

Choose from the 4 wines – 4 cheeses or 6 wines – 6 cheeses options and sample cheeses made from raw milk and organic wines whose combinations have been researched with passion and precision. For those with a sweet tooth, Les Petits Crus is offering a tasting of 4 chocolates paired with 4 different wines. The top-of-the-range chocolates from the Toulouse-based chocolatier Cacaofages, sublimated by the wines, give you the chance to discover some surprising pairings.

Les Petits Crus – 17 rue des Couteliers

Introduction to wine tasting with a sommelier at the la Maison Sarment

Le sommelier de la Maison Sarment vous initie à la dégustation autour de 3 cuvées différentes. Il vous explique les différentes étapes d’une dégustation de vin : la vue, le nez avec le premier nez et le second nez… Les 3 verres de la dégustation sont agrémentés de planche mixte charcuterie et fromages.

Maison Sarment – 17 place des Carmes

Wine bars

Dining cellar, delicatessen, restaurants…these neo-bistros are at the crossroads of gastronomy.

A glass of this, a plate of that… wine bars are the ideal place to sample a bit of everything, to perfect your knowledge of the grape varieties and to discover the latest vintages from the region’s winemakers.