Heritage walks

Discover Toulouse by following the tourist routes. By theme or by district, you discover, at your own pace, the remarkable monuments, more or less hidden, of Toulouse.

Discover Toulouse in 10 must-see sites

The essentials of Toulouse in 10 remarkable places. The Capitole, the Saint-Sernin basilica, the Jacobins … follow the stages of the route which gives pride of place to the history of Toulouse and its monuments.

If you had to sum up this trail, you could say that… the trail can last a few hours or all day; the itinerary showcases the best of Toulouse and its monuments’ history; there will be lots of anecdotes to share; your feet will pound the tarmac, but also the cobbled streets; you will be able to take some very pretty photos; you are sure to hear the sound of running water.

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Banks of the Garonne

Right bank or left bank… The Remarkable Heritage Site of Toulouse encloses a river that is its most precious treasure. Springing forth from a tumultuous Pyrenean torrent, the Garonne becomes a river as it leaves the foothills, re-joins the Ariège and then, adopting a true fluvial physiognomy, washes up on the doorstep of our city, providing a river bend that proved ideal for the establishment of a settlement.

Mansions houses

Toulouse’s Preservation Area features around 200 mansion houses or vestiges from the Middle Ages to the early XX Century. The emergence of the Capitoulat from a high-society of merchants and parliamentarians encouraged building of these homes designed by great architects, notably during the XVI and XVII Centuries.

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Welcome to Toulouse

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