The emblematic quarters

What are the emblematic quarters of Toulouse?

Fancy a walk off the beaten track to discover unusual and cosmopolitan spots? To explore the Ville Rose, you must first get to know the richness of its neighbourhoods and immerse yourself in their atmosphere! Follow us and let’s explore the must-sees of Toulouse together.

The Les Carmes quarter

The walk begins in the heart of the old town in one of the favourite quarters of Toulouse. In the heart of this neighbourhood, Les Carmes covered market and its unusual appearance set the tone. Here people are passionate about food! The colourful facades and lively little streets lead to charming little squares. Bars, wine cellars and restaurants will delight your taste buds and make this place a must for an evening out.

The Saint-Etienne quarter

Just a stone’s throw from the lively Les Carmes quarter is the chic, bourgeois area of the city centre. The mansion houses of the Renaissance merchants and the Capitouls, former rulers of the city, can be seen behind imposing doorways. Saint-Etienne Cathedral, in the heart of the neighbourhood, is an astonishing piece of architecture and stands among narrow streets that will transport you straight back to the Middle Ages! Away from the hustle and bustle, photography enthusiasts will not be immune to the charm of this neighbourhood and its architectural treasures. The boutiques of famous brands and the art galleries will delight the most curious visitors.

The Bourse-Daurade quarter

THE spot for shopping in Toulouse! A short hop from the Place du Capitole and Rue Alsace-Lorraine, known for its big-name stores, the city’s old commercial district is home to a host of designer boutiques, vintage and second-hand shops and concept stores. At the end of the shopping streets, the lively quaysides of La Daurade offer an unobstructed view of the Garonne and make the neighbourhood a hub of Toulouse nightlife. For a drink on a terrace with a view of the river, a stop in a summer Guinguette bistro or a bite to eat at one of the city’s restaurants and cafés, this bohemian district is at the top of its game!

The Saint-Aubin quarter

The artisanal market held here on Sunday mornings has made the area famous. Locals and visitors love the relaxed atmosphere of this corner of the city nestled between the centre and the Canal du Midi. Few know it, but Saint-Aubin is a bit like Montmartre in Toulouse. Like the famous Parisian district, the unmissable Rue de la Colombette has held the status of free commune since the end of the Second World War. Artists, artisans and shopkeepers are very active and contribute greatly to the dynamism of this popular district. The church of Saint-Aubin, nestled in the heart of the neighbourhood, subtly combines Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic features, in an unusual architectural style that reflects the colourful nature of the locals!

Les Chalets quarter

A veritable village within the city, this neighbourhood, located between the town centre and the train station, is one of the locals’ favourites. Here, time stands still and life passes quietly by as you watch passers-by from the terrace of the Café Concorde, one of the oldest in the city. The few apartment buildings that have been built in the adjacent streets are overshadowed by the beauty of the Toulousaines, low houses typical of the region. A little further on, in the eponymous Rue des Chalets, bourgeois residences flourish, making this one of the quietest places in the centre.

The Saint-Cyprien quarter

A visit to Toulouse would not be complete without a tour of the cosmopolitan and lively Saint-Cyprien quarter. While the left bank of the Garonne River used to be home to the infirm, pilgrims and exiles, Saint-Cyprien is now a very popular district. First of all for culture, with the Prairie des Filtres, a major venue for summer events, the Château d’Eau, a photographic museum, and of course Les Abattoirs, a museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art. Then there is the art de vivre and gastronomy, because cuisine knows no bounds. Here you can enjoy tapas, wines and world cuisine served by passionate restaurateurs. And then for the view, because Toulouse is best discovered from this side of the city. Our advice? Go to the Port de Viguerie and admire the architecture of the famous buildings on the opposite bank… the name “Ville Rose” then takes on its full meaning!

From place to place…

In Toulouse, the squares are quarters in their own right

Toulouse is a city on a human scale, which you can easily explore on foot. But the city and its atmosphere can also be discovered sitting at the terrace cafés of one of its famous squares. In the Ville Rose these are districts in their own right, with an architectural style and a neighbourhood life that makes them unique. The unmissable Place du Capitole for its view, the very popular Place Saint-Georges for its restaurants, the lively Place de la Trinité for its bars and cafés or the festive Place Saint-Pierre for nightlife…Toulouse has everything to delight you!

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