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You can not miss the Cardailhac, whose name comes from the ancient molten bell for the bell tower of the nearby St. Stephen's Cathedral. Located in the antique street in the middle area of the Carmelites, he catches the eye by a magnificent theatrical entrance. Once inside, they are 2 rooms that await you, a seventeenth century vaulted cellar in the basement with round tables topped by a more intimate room. You will be warmly received in an authentic cellar XVII preserved in its own juice and illuminated by a subtle play of light that makes this place steeped in history a unique and definitely a romantic place. In the kitchen everything is made ​​from fresh market or from local producers, foie gras until bread is made on site. It is possible to arrange group meals. The restaurant has its produce shop Southwest at No. 17 on the same street.

Maximum number of people: 50 people


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