LEZ – Low Emission Zone (ZFE)

On the 1st January 2023, Toulouse Métropole introduced a Low Emission Zone or LEZ (in French ZFE – Zone à Faible Emissions). Vehicles with a Crit’Air 4 or 5 sticker and non-classified stickers are banned from driving within a defined area – inside the ring road and parts of Colomiers and Tournefeuille.

The Crit’Air sticker is mandatory for all vehicles

The Crit’Air sticker is mandatory for all vehicles driving within the LEZ so that the vehicle can be properly classified.
Stickers can only be purchased from the official website and cost €3.11 + €0.61 postage (€3.72 per vehicle).

ZFE pass

Visiting Toulouse without a Crit’Air sticker

The ZFE pass for short stays

The ZFE pass allows you to drive and park 52 days a year within the perimeter of the ZFE, regardless of your Crit air sticker. This Pass authorises vehicles affected by the restrictions to drive and park in the EPZ for a maximum of 52 days a year.

If your vehicle has a Crit’Air level that is prohibited from entering the zone or you don’t have a Crit’Air Sticker or ZFE Pass, you are allowed to use the park and ride facilities on the edge of the LEZ: you can park your vehicle in the car parks by Basso-Cambo, Borderouge and Argoulet metro stations for easy access to the centre of Toulouse. The park and ride facilities at Balma-Gramont and Ramonville metro stations are outside the LEZ and are accessible to all vehicles.

The aim of the LEZ (ZFE)

The creation of a Low Emission Zone aims to preserve air quality by banning those vehicles that produce the most NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) and particle pollution.