LuneXplorer at the Cité de l’espace

Are you ready for the LuneXplorer experience?

Experience what it’s like to be an astronaut on a mission to the Moon at the Cité de I’espace in Toulouse.

Objective Moon

The exploration of the Moon is one of the flagship space projects of the next few decades, with a succession of lunar missions planned, in particular Artemis. One of their aims is to prepare for space exploration on a much larger scale.

With LuneXplorer, its new permanent exhibit, the Cité de I’espace is promising visitors the Moon, thanks to a realistic experience that’s unique in Europe. LuneXplorer takes you on a mission to the Moon, so you can understand how the mission is prepared and how it unfolds, and then experience the acceleration phases of take-off and landing just like an astronaut.

The timetable for your mission

  • Preparation Hall: devoted to the history of the conquest of the Moon, this is where you can compare the different missions, past and present. To appreciate the scale of the challenge, remember that the 400,000 kilometre journey from the Earth to the Moon is a thousand times longer than the journey to the ISS!
  • Briefing Room: three renowned astronauts, Thomas Pesquet, Samantha Cristoforetti and Matthias Maurer, brief you on your mission.
  • Take Off: in teams of four, you’re invited to board one of the ten space capsules. Settle into your seat, fasten your seatbelt, monitor the screens and enjoy the scenery through the window.
  • Five minutes in Space! Based on the centrifuge used in training by ESA astronauts in Cologne, you can feel the thrill of lift-off (at up to 2 G). Will anyone be able to press the buttons on the control console? The journey to the Moon takes three to four days, but in this case it’s obviously been “eclipsed”. Get ready to experience the sensations of the moon landing.
  • Debriefing Room: Welcomed back by the astronauts, it’s time to look at your mission data and share your feedback.

After this dynamic experience, don’t forget to visit the “Moon – Episode II, we’re going back!” exhibition in the Cité de I’Espace’s main building, where you can discover the challenges of human settlement on the surface of our satellite in an immersive setting.

Practical info


40 min trail.
Included in the admission ticket to the Cité de I’espace. No booking necessary.

Disabled access, independent transfer from wheelchair essential.
Children under 1.40 m must be accompanied by an adult.
Access not permitted for people under 1.30 m tall, toddlers, babies or guide/assistance dogs.
Not recommended for people suffering from claustrophobia, vertigo, dizziness, inner ear disorders or balance problems in general, people who are very sensitive to motion sickness, pregnant women, people who have recently undergone surgery, people with heart problems, cervical problems or back problems.
Created with support from ESA and CNES.

Avenue Jean Gonord, 31500 Toulouse

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