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You are looking for a treasure hunt to (re)discover Toulouse while having fun. Granhóta has put together discovery rallies that are taking place in the historical center. An out of the ordinary visit and a fun ride guaranteed!

Equipped with a kit, your mission is to resolve riddles by finding clues as many as possible. You will immerse yourself in the stories and fun facts that shaped the pink city and you will discover the main sites of Toulouse as well as their hidden faces while having fun. At the same time a treasure hunt, a detective game and a guided tour, this activity is ideal for people curious of history and looking for something out of the ordinary.

Themes that are proposed :
- “The must-see sites”: a tour to see the key sites of the pink city and that narrate you the historical stories related to it.
- “The Calas case”: a detective game that will immerse you in the period of religions wars in Toulouse by showing you the tensions that happened around this time.
- “The hidden faces of Toulouse”: while searching for the treasure of Toulouse, discover the hidden faces of the pink city.
- “Robbery at the Capitole” (a tour for family with children starting from 7 years old): put yourself in the shoes of a detective to find and give back to the city of Toulouse its precious scroll. Tours available in English and Spanish.
- “The treasure of Toulouse” (treasure hunt for family with children between 5 and 8 years old): as a detective, a Capitoul sent you on a mission to find back a precious item, the Cryptex, which is supposed to contain some clues about the legend of the cursed gold of Toulouse. You need to discover what is enclosed inside.

Good to know :
- The departure points of these rallies are on the square Charles-de-Gaulle, just in front of the tourist office (station Capitole).
- These rallies are perfectly adapted for families, colleagues or groups of friends that want to spend a good time while discovering the pink city. Not need to be an expert to succeed, all you have to do is to communicate and observe what surrounds you!
- The discovery rallies are accessible for children (in the company of adults) starting from 10 years old. The tour name “Robbery at the Capitole” is suitable for younger children (7-8 years old).
- The games can last from 1h30 to 2h30 with teams of 2 to 6 players.
- The Granhóta supervisor will be there to greet you and is available anytime by phone to help you and give clues if needed.
- The rallies are accessible for people with motor, visual and hearing disabilities.
- Make sure to bring with you comfortable shoes for walking in the city (and strollers or scooters for the youngest).

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Sunday09:45 - 14:15


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