Visits for groups

The unusual

You want to visit the city differently and think outside the box? These tours will surprise you.

Graff tour

Street art has made itself at home on our walls as a modern-day art form. Discover its origins and its codes, the artists that have defined Toulouse from the 1990s to the present day and the beautiful artworks visible on our streets, some created during festivals like Latino Graff or Rose Béton.

The unknown city

A guide will share with you the secret and unusual corners of Toulouse. Hidden details, secret anecdotes and little known treasures that are all waiting to be uncovered…

A little tour in the courtyards

A courtyard that is practically hidden, an unexpected courtyard, a courtyard that is no more, cloistered courtyards, a simple little courtyard… You may have already guessed that this is a trail through the city in search of its courtyards!

Information and booking

Service groupes

Duration: 2 hours
Number of people per group: 30 people
Price: from 165€ excluding VAT.

Tel. + 33 5 61 11 02 30